My First Project in IMD

As a first year at the IMD program we were ask to make our first Choose your own Adventure app by using Xcode that relate to spectral design


Thought Process

My thought process of coming into this project was that I wanted to make a app that gives awareness to the climate change that we are causing right now. Telling people that if nothing is going to change in the next future then we would have to move to an different place due to climate change. In the picture on the left was my brainstorm of the story.


Things I wanted in my App


The setting that I chose for this app is an Underground Cave World where everyone is made out of rocks and resources were very limited. I got this inspiration from the time I played Dungeons and Dragons where our setting was an Underground Cave as well but do to time issues we didn't get to finish the game so I wanted to use this app to continue the story.


Since climate change has always been a big issue and the setting of the app is Underground I believe that these two themes fix really well together. Since we were limited to use the amount of pages in our app that I thought it that my story would be random/fun so that I can end the story quickly in the same time not letting my users feel like the app was rushed and there was something more to tell.



Here are some Critiques I received that I believe could make this app better.

  1. More detail on some events

  2. Bigger text 

  3. The visibility of the text

  4. Better animation during transition