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Team Twitter

Team Twitter was form to create an app that critique some in our modern world . We decide to make Twitter Plugin. This speculative design app proposes a plug-in for Twitter that allows users to create tweets inspired by Donald Trump using a Mad Lib format. As the 45th President of the United States, Trump is notorious for sprees of outrageous tweets and often criticized for the political disruption that the tweet invites. The Mad Lib plug-in explores potential feature innovations that Twitter could propose and examines the political impact that can occur within the 280 character limit.

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Get to Know Us


John KIM

I'm a world-class student studying Interactive Media Design and Information Systems. Since entering higher education, I've been very passionate about making changes in communities that I'm a part of. I've created multimedia projects, explored various design disciplines, and involved in entrepreneurial ventures on my campus! On my downtime, I usually catch up on sleep or listen to podcasts. Ask me for my recommendations!

Team Twitter: Team Members


During the first step before we actually started coding we made the wireframe so that we had a good idea of where we want everything to go.

Team Twitter: About


Then we have Cynthia to design the mock up for us. She used Adobe Illustrator to create all the buttons and images for the mock up.

Team Twitter: About


Then Madeline and John worked together on the code for the plugin using Xcode.

Team Twitter: About

Dannie Tang

We created a persona(Dannie Tang) on Twitter to demonstrate our app as a plug-in.

Team Twitter: Welcome

My Role

As a Project Manager my role was to keep everyone in check and making sure that everything is going according to our schedule to ensure that we can turn in our assignment on time. I organize our team by using this app called "monday" so that the team can use this app to update us with the progress of their work.

Team Twitter: About

Final Product

As the final product we made a working version of the app at first when you open the app you will be lead to a mad lib form. Once you fill out the form it will generate one of Trump's tweet and replace the keyboards with hims. Then it will appear in your Twitter page.

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