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This project is meant to spark interest for the everyday person who has never played/ or has not played  D & D in a very long time. The sole purpose of doing this project is the explore dungeon crawling, augmented reality combat and also to distill the very best parts of D & D into a fun and easily accessible project for even the newest of gamer.



Andrew Lutrell




- <Game>

- Concept of exploring a overworld in 3rd person and then switching to a first person perspective for combat

 <Dungeons and Dragons>

- <Board game>

- Mainly influenced by the call and response type of game play where a central player controls every other player’s fate and each player is tasked with responding to the destiny in the best way they see fit.


- <Game>

- Heroes having to move through a dungeon where they are encouraged to explore and be resourceful. Where the darkness of the dungeon is self is more of an adversarial thing rather than a visual aesthetic

 <I have no mouth and I must scream>

- <Short Story/ Game>

- Everyday people that are put into an extraordinary and dark situation where their flaws and personal motives are exploited so that person will go against everything they are


Core Gameplay Mechanics

<Open Movement in rooms>

- <Details>

The character freely moves about each space trying to   investigate treasure, talk to dungeon men, where every room as a new situation module.

- <How it works>

This part of the gameplay is in a traditional 3d perspective with the camera in a isometric orientation. The rooms can be seen one at a time where the field of vision is limited due to how dark the dungeon is but this darkness is offset but the character which is holding a torch which brings about a circle of light to illuminate the path. The character is controlled by a joystick on the left, bottom hand side of the screen which can move and rotate the player in all directions.


Live AR Combat

- <Details>
Players will be ask to find a surface and place a torch. Then monsters will spawn and you will be using tap to fight monsters.
- <How it works>
When you encounter a monster you will be ask to scan a surface and place a torch. Once the torch is placed monsters will spawn. Once monsters are all defeated you will be exit out the combat screen and continue to proceed further into the Dungeon.


My Role

My role in this project is UX and Narration design. I use my knowledge and experience from the games that I have played.


Game Mechanics

For our game mechanics we decide to have Luc and I give out ideas of how we wanted the game to run then we decided to use the color green to tag the ideas that we agreed on, the color yellow on the ideas that we might come back to and the color red for ideas that we disagree on.



Small amount of Narration was implemented in the game due to time but I was able to create some dialog base on the personality of the character. In this picture I use Sophia as an example. This is an example of Sophia's dialog in the game we were able to see the change of Sophia after she seeks revenge.